Reflux Disease More Condition_symptoms What Does Acid Reflux Disease Feel Like?

What does acid reflux disease feel like? - reflux disease more condition_symptoms

Since I am this strange notion in a small area above the left nipple. This is not so bad because they get bored not distract me from my time, but if I sit here, sorry. And if you push or touch it, feel that down alittle, so I'm wondering if this is the acid reflux disease, or if not, how do you feel?


jandy said...

Acid reflux is when you have a burning sensation in the chest or abdomen. as a burp sometimes and it's burning? Voltage on the left nipple is probably muscular and not related to acid reflux, also if you can with food and fluid curves occur suddenly. even if you do not have a weak stomach muscles.

Amy L said...

They do not feel anything unless it is an "attack", then only a burning sensation in the back of the throat ... I have 2 years ... go visit a doctor, or you can take the pill regularly, and believe me, it helps

Thecooll... said...

A burning sensation in the chest behind the breastbone

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