Pictures Dog Ringworm Dog Ringworm Or Hot Spot?

Dog ringworm or hot spot? - pictures dog ringworm

I took a dog from a rescue about 2 weeks, and I realize I have this space in the throat, where it has no hair and skin red. It is an image ...

It is the only place I see. It's very good food so its hard to look good or very good image.

I have and it seems the only thing that is naked and red.

She chews her feet a lot, my vet said it was the irritation of the skin, minor Bichons are known to receive them and to respect a weekly bath shampoo skin.

What would be your suggestion? I'll probably go for a preventive treatment currently Petstore hotspot then to the vet tomorrow ... But I want to see if I can get other opinions, and I have a dog.

If the thought is ringworm, you have to bathe my dog in a bath of other antifungal agents such as preventive medicine, until you've reached the vet and my mother and my brother, who was in contact as aDoctors, and I have mine.


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