Short Christian Phrases A Discussion On Religion, It's Disadvantages/advantages, And The Christian God?

A discussion on religion, it's disadvantages/advantages, and the Christian God? - short christian phrases

Firstly, I respect all faiths, and you want to discuss only. I consider myself an atheist as an agnostic. I think not believing in God, but honestly, who knows.

I do not understand why people feel so hot about God and to him. Remember still believe in God when their parents were raised in this way? I mean, what do you mean?

Even if you do not see not the spirit of the films, I highly recommend and thank you for your discussion. You can find it on Google. It seems a propagandist, but all facts are true and which are fundamentally Christian.

It also raises the question of religion is good or bad. In my humble opinion, I believe that the religion in order to narrow the guests, and was a creation of society. Is that the society, religion or reduced, so is the freedom of thought and the advancement of society?

What is with the basics of Christianity? If the Christian God is so loving, send, why people obey to "go to hell? I mean, it was not hisUnconditional love? The expression "God is Love" comes to me, because you sure seem to the Christian God as a kind of conditional uncertainty in the exact opposite of someone who share the unconditional love, of course.

Again, no offense, I hope to only increase, intelligent and insightful conversation. Thank you!


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