Dry Cough Heart Skip I've Had A Dry Cough For 2 Years Now (not Productive); It's Making My Chest Hurt And My Heart Palpitate. Why?

I've had a dry cough for 2 years now (not productive); it's making my chest hurt and my heart palpitate. Why? - dry cough heart skip

For 2 years I did not have a cough (productive) and sec. This is done during the day and takes off when I sleep at night. Sometimes there are only, cough significantly. I started to cough when they get out of bed in the morning and drive all day cough. I cough a lung is not here, but it's still annoying. My voice has not changed, however. But recently I was wounded in the chest, sometimes until tightened. And my heart sometimes skips a blow, too. Sometimes I even have this shooting / stabbing / shooting pains in the chest) (especially on the left side. I have x-rays were made clear. The doctor says it's cough "nervous", but offered no help. I'm beginning to wonder whether this is a sign of something worse, as a precursor of a heart attack. (If it helps, I have type 1 diabetes.) Any tips? Thank you.


gallagher g said...

###################################### ... Han RSD is Reflex disorder syndrome and should have really looked = very heavy can be serious if they lose the mucous cells remain dry and cancer of the throat and cause of the disturbance was ashyacas

tj said...

No milk to drink. Milk is good for the cows. No adult. I had the same problem for years until I stopped drinking milk. Well, I use soy milk in coffee and in fact the best flavor.

Get more moving. Blow the cobwebs out of your pipes, so to speak.
Get your heart rate. Sweat more.

Change your environment. Dust and vacuum at least once a week. Get rid of allergens.

slai171 said...

Go to another doctor for a second opinion.

REALIST L said...

FOR REAL BRONCHIDES will be checked for AIDS NURSE HERE, and most patients who suffer from AIDS, and many patients BRONCHIDES GET monitor your heart rate to see whether there is a very carefully selected for signs of heart disease or stroke to take a one Asprin days to tell its good for your heart, you go to a specialist control in a hospital and I can not help myself You Feel Better GL

n8ivCali... said...

It would be prudent to review independently of the cough of a basic EKG, and a cardiologist, a few basic things.
No joke, but if you're in an ACE inhibitor for blood pressure, there is no such thing as an ACE-inhibitor cough (a serious adverse event) - ask your doctor.

Once you have decided to be a serious matter, and perhaps could consider, as a homeopathic doctor. Homeopathy is a wonderful way to deal with persistent symptoms that you describe all the suits and the constellation of symptoms to resolve and can handle very effectively and safely.

chum_chu... said...

They may be suffering from COPD (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease), depending on your age and whether you smoke. COPD causes a cough, and gradually leads to a decrease in oxygen in the blood, which the nail / nail bed blue. If COPD is advanced, you can get with heart failure. But all this takes place gradually, not suddenly. The best thing to do is go to another doctor for a second opinion.

lynn g said...

My mother had this dry cough that you, too. Then it started with chest pains and was repeatedly brought to the hospital because she thought she was the victim of a heart attack. All tests showed that his heart was very healthy and has no problems with the lungs, etc. Finally, she was diagnosed with a severe case of nerves. After drilling his long, she admits, she is about things. She is now 87 and not do things as I do, and the cough is gone, such as pain in the chest.

If they had diagnosed tests are carried out and that his health is good, then this may have on the nerves. The cough drop during the night, if I go to bed, because her brain does not think active. Pay attention to your thoughts when we met. Worried about something? Without realizing it can explain what's wrong with you. My mother has diabetes and I have not heard of symptoms associated with diabetes. Hope this helps.

korikill said...

You may cough if the air is too dry, you can try a humidifier.
Allergies can also disadvantages cough. Do you have an air purifier?

Attitude, you're half lining of the lungs with small amount of liquid in the two that helps.

Try out the air cleaner and humidifier. If they do not offer help, contact please enter your allergist.

GEEGEE said...

Take drugs? A dry cough is a side effect of some drugs, such as BP medications (), all names ending in April, and enalapril.

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