Whoopie Pie Clip Art Do You Know What A Whoopie Pie Is?

Do you know what a whoopie pie is? - whoopie pie clip art

I had a conversation with some friends (I live in Western Washington, but I'm from South Central Pennsylvania), and nobody knows what they are Whoopie pies. The people of Maryland and Virginia have no idea. Additionally, you can field list is in / out?


Nunya B said...

I'm from Massachusetts. A Whoopie Pie 2 round is (3-4), chocolate cake, flat on the floor. Give place in a bowl of whipped cream to eat with the other cake, play and spend a few seconds. It's really sandwich with chocolate cream. You can probably find the recipe, but if not ask and I will not answer your inquiry. Very popular in New England. (May be called something else in other parts of the country.

surlygur... said...

Yes, it's a. .. which consists of two slices of white cakey chocolate filled with a creamy filling. I'm from California, but spent some time in the territory of the Palestinian Authority, and that's where I learned from them. I had never traveled, I had no idea what it was.

LeAnne said...

Oh, yes. My mother never Whoopie pies. yummmmmmy


Enjoy friends, a joke, you send to this site:


You Whoopie pies impressive ship.

Shopgirl... said...

I do not know if they sell in the United States, but in Canada we called something like Joe Louis. It's like a Whoopie Pie

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