Monica Geller Diagram Names Of Monica Geller's Kids?

Names of monica geller's kids? - monica geller diagram

When Rachel was a baby, to appoint couldnt decide. What was the name Monica GAV, if your baby was a boy?


Roxxi said...

"Possible baby names are Monica Daniel and Emma. Perhaps a reference to Harry Potter. The actor Daniel Radcliffe of Harry's and the actress, her boyfriend, Emma Watson plays Hermione's plays. Friends and Harry Potter films are from Warner Bros. done "

I have this directly from the website of the Friends. The exact sequence in which this occurs is 8.23 episode "The One Where Rachel has a baby, the first part. Hope this helps.

If you're wondering what the names of the twins, which would be Erika and Jack, after his father and mother of the baby.

bailezra said...

I think it is Daniel, what is not, what we end up with your baby when he was born curious. Jack was appointed in his place.

Halo Mom said...

I do not remember the name of the daughter
That the name of the girl after the biological mother
Who does not know she was pregnant with twins

twobeinm... said...

If they can not decide what the child said the name of Monica, Rachel, that he would name her baby Emma, when she was a child, like Rachel, and their names baby Emma. When Monica takes names twins Erica and Jack. There are talks of a boy's name?

Erica said...

I think Rachel was Emma Grace, but I'm not sure if the name. I do not think they discussed about the names of the children. Children of Monica, Erica and Jack, Erica by the biological mother, and I do not know why Jack. Recall that, because my name is Erica.

butterfl... said...

I think it's Daniel or something. I'm sure I could on the Yahoo search.

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