Scorpio Man November 10th Scorpio Man And Pisces Woman?

Scorpio man and Pisces Woman? - scorpio man november 10th

I am with my .. Yugoslavia is pregnant with a baby girl now .. Libra
I would like to know if there is a possibility that I might leave after our child was born ..

My birthday is on 6 March his 15th November .. I do not know ..


Loving Life said...

Scorpios hate 2 things:

Weakness 1).
Betrayal 2.)

... and not necessarily in that order.

The Libra / Scorpio relationship is not as strong as the scorpion fish, the ratio of things (but held abroad). When my ex felt betrayed, returned with his ex in less than a day to annoy me. He knew what buttons to push to know, and I let him, that his actions hurt me, he had more power over me (she hates me more than a Scorpio and all).

Learn from my mistakes:)

Live your life ... the best, most amazing potential. I mean, really put on thick lol. The only thing with the scorpion that you do when you're lying to say that because you can read their feelings. You know what this means right? You have to find peace * really * not be with him at the time. * You must be really glad to be alone *, while the care of your baby.

If you see that you are strong and can live without her, if you are knocking on the door (more likI'm almost ready) lol be divided again into your life. But if you know, Scorpio, like me, you know, like, for example, a ram with you again the opposite of Scorpio is again with you. Everything is very subjective ... and I started as if I write, feel more, then I start to people who are confused read my answer.

I'll leave it here, lol ... I hope that answers your question.

Macka Lackey said...

All characters can work to have a long term relationship.

Funny how you say what has happened to me several years ago. My daughters father was a fish, and I'm a Scorpio. He has some prego chicken during our relationship that was free. She had a miscarriage at the end and who does not agree after a while.
Scorpio love with everything they have when they do. You should do something to have done to annoy them to leave. Pisces and Scorpio, but does not refer to long term, this type of couple. Scorpio and Libra also is that a good relationship. A friendship like that.
You should worry about their presence for the baby and the responsibility for the child. Avoid the stress Abu rights reserved. When thou shalt be like a return.

Luscious said...

It is selfish and bounce. If he says he loves to play with another woman HES both! It will stick to you, so that no other person, while girls with another. The guys did a stupid mistake, do you think a father is left in front of a mature newborns? Your child will ask, where her mother was when she was in her belly. Or the hospital was there when I was born? Do you still want them back after leaving more than stupid. Frankly, his wife, show your better off without him. Then come with me, so you can see it if you think you do not need and care. Do you think this is going to break your ego and send it to you. We have to retreat, and in this way. It's the oldest trick in the world. But if you ask me, if a man leaves you for another girl who will do it again and again. Do not accept it back. Think of your child, please! Have faith in God, God saved a man who cheated on you that you are married. Youmuch better in the store and you know it. So he was happy, at least, that what was an *** er. Are you pregnant and leave. Bastard! You look back and realize that wasting time in this way you can to fulfill it. Its much higher and worthy. As a strong woman.

JM said...

Why is everyone on earth is an apology for the ex-Sheree Scorpio? I am honest and told him about another man who spoke before him. How "moral damage"? Or leave support of his action?

He decided to leave him alone to cause damage? Without knowing it, the details? Why should he suffer for his uncertainty?

* He and I talk from time to time and always tells me he loves me .. That gives me hope *

* Sigh * It never fails. Fish sweet innocence always ends up being used for sex by the Scorpion and then left hanging. Sheree, if you really want, why not take the trouble to be with you?

I think he wants to be around prey remains ... while you hope he would be back for you.

It never fails. Pisces women always fall for the lies of men Scorpio. And if you have enough sex Scorpios will love more.

Crazy D said...

I know I get many thumbs down, because I am the section that you know that you should really not too much to see this sign. Its all in fun and I think that many people take seriously. I know that I used to be. In fact, I spent a few years of life. I felt myself acting like my sign says. In reality I am nothing like a twin. Most people do not give me a chance when he discovered he was a twin. That's when I realized how ridiculous it is.

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