How To Find Out Decision Of Social Security Is There A Number To Check On The Status Of My Social Security Disability Decision?

Is there a number to check on the status of my social security disability decision? - how to find out decision of social security

I recently received a decision that my disability was a completely positive decision on my inability for medical reasons, even though she is studying non-medical .. I know the details of this award. Is there a number you can see the amounts available to me pass?


cold grey Ash said...

Only when they say that you e-mail a letter. I tried with me - I called the social worker - and that seemed just boring, so I then expected.
It took about 2 months time to find out this. However, the social worker should have told how they were eligible for submission. If not, you should be able to call out the person and try as they were concerned, and not what is happening with the decision.

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