Tow Trucks In Brisbane For Sell Where Can I Get Car Key For Mazda 626?

Where can I get car key for Mazda 626? - tow trucks in brisbane for sell

I used to drive Mazda 626 Series Gd1022 (1991) 9. Then I went abroad for 3 years and left the car in a friend's house. I returned to Brisbane 2 years ago. Recently, I took the car with a crane, because the car does not work at all - 4 wheels are dead flat, does not work, the engine and the battery in good condition. The worst thing is that my friend could not find the car keys, and I had the second key. I would like to repair the car in motion, but does not rise without the key in the car and to work on.

I was at Mazda dealer in Brisbane, they said they may have to take the vehicle directly into the store car so that they key and it would be about $ 300 ~ 400.

My question is: where and who do I go on / buy the car keys for Mazda 626, without paying too much? That does not bother me, old car keys as long as it works!


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