Chicago Community Service Hours What Are My Chances Of Getting Accepted To U. Of Chicago?

What are my chances of getting accepted to U. of Chicago? - chicago community service hours

I am in my final year and start applying to schools soon ...
I'm in the IB program
Rank in the top quarter
SA 1190, I do not know, Stellar
scored 4 on the AP bio, micro and macro
English 3 AP, and Gov't & Politics
Not that my average, but I know that there is at least a 3.0
and I was in a school production and have many hours of community service.
Should I bother for Chicago?


bab said...

His Spanish support, but need to at least 1400/2400 over SA, but the GPA is your biggest problem, Chicago has about 4.0.

ryan_duz said...

apply .. I feel very good ... SA tries again

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