Hack Make A Baby Myspace A Girl On My Myspace Is Posting Naked Pictures Of A Very Underage Girl And Slandering Her Name? Help Me :'[?

A girl on my myspace is posting naked pictures of a very underage girl and slandering her name? help me :'[? - hack make a baby myspace

It's a girl on my myspace I added months ago. when in conversation with a girl in particular and post reports and blogs about this girl. She has even bragged how he cut in girls thats mobile, as he had the girls naked, "he said. Shes told them that the comments of the peoples MySpaces and defamation of his name. Trying to do for me, but I was rejected . People laugh at this girl. "I looked out your profile. shes only 14 years. and the offender is 19 years. you'd think she has better things to do than harass kids. There is nothing I can do to protect the minor child? shes just a baby. She did not need that! courses in sick for months and months and newsletters to slander and ridicule the child. i dont know you personally. but I know the face-offs and last name and city life. their reality and an hour from my home there is nothing I do? please. help me help this girl. "shes just a kid. I'll call the police but do not know if they just ignore me g? thisIRL is the publication of these images in the commentary track mens grew up together. What can I do? theyre laughing girl and a whore to the poor girl has no idea.


Mr. AA said...

Oh my God! this is so bad! Which is tackled in his time, underage girls. Sorry, there is an underground world bastard dead. His report on MySpace. better yet, call the police for them! is a crime and can not be imprisoned. I can not believe how much people are cruel these days!

Kolby Casino said...

So what's your MySpace account to remedy them.

♫☆ -|Disc|-☆♫ said...

Oh my god! You should call the police! Otherwise, I am sure that MySpace can ban the user if he or she report? Was probably a key to the comments in the vicinity of something like the report of abuse or something! If you can see! I suggest you call the police and see if I could not anything about this issue because it really seriously! I tell you! Would this girl a great service!
Damn, they act as retarded odio''Grown Ups''que HOLES *** sorry for my curse. But please call the police had no right to ignore them! It should lose everything a person says, by phone, otherwise their jobs seriously! Good luck! [

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