Lactulose And Blood Sugar Can Lactulose Cause My Blood Sugar To Rise?

Can Lactulose cause my blood sugar to rise? - lactulose and blood sugar

My blood sugar is 384th It all comes down, then rises a few. I called immediately DR. He said drug to treat diabetes. Diuretics, potassium twice a day, and sugar is lactulose.Since lactulose for constipation and I am not always blocked, this is my blood sugar complacating.


Miz Lamb said...

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and may all your messages, and see whether there are interactions between them. You can also read case studies on each of their drugs here.

phantoml... said...

Lactulose is a synthetic sugar. You do not, as you would a regular metabolize sugar. Rather than convert glucose into the small intestine, is to convert the short-chain fatty acids. , Acidify the contents of your colon bends, it attracts and ammonia (from the saddle that is also used for people with hepatic encephalopathy). It can ammonia, sodium and water levels in the blood, but do not increase blood glucose.
Probably the diet of the perpetrators (the Eating too many carbohydrates and starch) and insulin (take your medicine before eating, not after?). I want to see her endocrinologist to make sure that your insulin needs have been addressed changes. If you are an orally administered drugs, then perhaps we need to switch to injected insulin. I also want to make sure that I eat lean protein and vegetables and less pasta, bread, fruit and sugar.

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