Herpes On Breasts Can A Mother With Genital Herpes Infection(not Active) Pass The Infection To Baby Who Is Breast Feeded?

Can a mother with Genital herpes infection(not active) pass the infection to baby who is breast feeded? - herpes on breasts

Can a mother who is already infected with genital herpes, 3 months after their child? Any chance of infecting the child through breast milk? She is actively involved in the outbreak.
My second question is whether it developed an active infection during breast feeding, breast-fed? Precatuions What should you take?
Any doctor to answer, please.


i_love_m... said...

Jack, do not worry. You can not pass through breast milk. To ignore the post of "how dirty. He obviously did not read the e-mail and see that his wife did not transmit the disease, and both are trying to stop it, I congratulate you for coming and asked.

Things to watch out for when his wife actively seek contact with the skin of your baby. Rigerously wash their hands after using the bathroom will take on this task, and I always do the same thing before changing a diaper. Well, I do not bathe the baby when it is active.

The person who thought it was already after the birth - indeed, it is a high risk, and that all doctors are very careful about finding a break in active labor. If you see something, you get a section C. In addition, each with GH suppression therapy to 34 weeks is automated, and none of us want for our children, however, that originally had.

To take Oh, and his "easiest way" position. I am a mother, but I'mRI Vogel, and my "forms" never "dirty." My husband (of 6) he caught a girlfriend way before me. I have him back after we were married. Comments like yours are inaccurate and insulting. Not all women with GH is promiscuity.

Well, Jack, if you at all concerned about the risk, go to OB for his wife with her. They could receive the therapy in the fight, will reduce the number of households. Volume Valtrax and is ideal for nursing mothers. It is possible that your child is from a body fluid contract herpes. The contact is with the legions of actually touching them (as a package are included) or indirectly through the hands in contact with them, then the child will be required (and this is not 100% sure it will pass).

kyras_mo... said...

The baby is more likely responsible for the birth cannal infected ... thats .. just sick and sad that poor child had to cope with their mothers, how embarrassing!

Hank Hill said...

Herpes is not transmitted through breast milk. End of discussion!

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