Rainbow Light Vitamins Is There A Website That Build A Daily Pack With The Supplements And Vitamins I Want. Name Brands?

Is there a website that build a daily pack with the supplements and vitamins I want. name brands? - rainbow light vitamins

I would like to use a site that vitamin supplements brand and the construction of these packages. I am very interested in anti-aging so if you like line extensions Solaray life, and it would be great. I also like food supplements in the baseline, such as New Chapter Organics Rainbow Light and would be great. I can not be the only person who has lots of vitamins and nutritional supplements, and is looking for a better way to use a distributor of vitamins. It seems logical that this does not get wrapped up a website which you packages perosnlized daily supplement of vitamins and minerals you can find, create a health food store, but in packets of vitamin per day instead of all cylinders. I know there are many people who have focused on anti-aging, longevity and alternative medicine who want a service like this, I sure it exists. If so, I want to know.


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I think the search, what you do. Web site address is www.vuru.com. They allow you to create records made to supplement daily. Abu also found good information on the website http://www.web2list.com/forum.php?logoid=1652

It is quite interesting. Must be known. If you try it, I know how it is.

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